Executive Director & Co-Founder

Monique, an EMT and mother of nine, and her partner Brian experienced homelessness when the owner of the home they were renting decided to sell. Unable to find housing, the family lived in their cars and ultimately in a Catholic Community Services shelter.

During their eight months in shelters, Monique's case managers were often overwhelmed by their volume of clients. As a result, Monique took it upon herself to acquire a comprehensive understanding of the opportunities that exist. 


Board Member & Co-Founder

Kathryn met Monique while serving as the volunteer coordinator of Tacoma's St. Patrick's Church FHN Shelter Program. In her professional life, Kathryn is a government relations consultant in Olympia and has been representing housing providers since 2004.

Through her volunteer work and career, Kathryn came to understand the challenges relating to accessible and affordable rental housing.  She has worked to foster compromise and strengthen partnerships. 


Board Member & Co-Founder

Kate is both the managing member of Taft Properties, LLC and the parent of a child with behavioral issues who has been intermittently homeless.

Kate's personal experience informs her recognition of the need, not only for housing for homeless women with children, but for services that consider a wrap-around, holistic approach to helping women navigate the hurdles to independence and self sufficiency.


Board Member & Co-Founder

Zachary is a lawyer and the owner of Taft Properties, LLC.


Zachary joined Next Chapter with the vision of extending dignity and compassion to each participant of our program by treating each resident as a brother, sister, son, and daughter. 


Board Member

Cristina is a Tacoma-based realtor, the president of the Saint Patrick Parents Association, and an honoree of South Sound Magazine's 40 under 40 in 2017. 

Cristina hopes to lead Next Chapter in its mission for diverse, safe, and equitable housing for families in our growing city. 


Board Member

Amy is is an Associate Professor of Communication and Chair of the Department of Communication at Pacific Lutheran University.


She leads Next Chapter's communications and development efforts. Committed to using her communication superpowers for good, Amy harnesses her abilities to empower women to move out of homelessness.