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Gabby, a mother of two, came to Next Chapter Shelter through a partnership with IBJ ( Institute for Black Justice). Gabby struggled with substance abuse and she had an open dependency case with DCYF.  Working one on one with Next Chapter and IBJ, Gabby was successfully accepted into a treatment facility.  It was during this time that Gabby was able to become clean , focus on her self worth, and become the best version of herself.  Five months later , Gabby returned to Next Chapter , and our work began.  Gabby was able to reunify with her children, rebuild her relationship with her family, and host recovery classes at Next Chapter for our current families. 



At seven months pregnant, Carol and her 1-year-old son had been homeless for four months when they were accepted into Next Chapter through a referral from Adam’s Street Shelter. Carol, a survivor of domestic violence, expressed a desire to break her cycle of poverty, set a positive example for her children, start her own housekeeping company, and earn her high school diploma. During Carol’s time in our program, she raised her credit score by over 380 points, secured a business license, and started her housekeeping business, graduated high school through Bates College, and gave birth to a healthy baby girl.  Carol is now prepared, confident, and in the process of securing permanent housing.


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Leah, a mother of three, was in the Next Chapter Shelter for 90 days; she reunited with her children, started school, and moved into a 3-bed apartment. She even made sure to find a place to live where her children were enrolled in school to maintain continuity and stability for them. Leah worked hard to turn her life around, a complete 360 from where she was just over a year ago. She is now a client advisor at Next Chapter, continuing her growth with weekly Empowerment classes at Next Chapter!



Keisha was accepted into the Next Chapter program after first discovering us on social media. The home where she had been living sold, and unable to locate affordably housing that would accept her credit and criminal history, Keisha resorted to sleeping in a tent on the street. 


Due to a history of substance abuse and a victim of domestic violence, Keisha also faced legal challenges for the custody of her 11-year-old son.  During Keisha’s time in our program, she raised her credit score by 200 points, obtained partial custody of her son, secured employment as a caregiver, started pre-nursing courses at Pierce College, opened a bank account, paid off a past eviction, and purchased a vehicle.  Today, Keisha has secured her own housing and is thriving in her next chapter.



Deborah entered the Next Chapter program through a Network Tacoma referral. Deborah is currently housed in one of Network Tacoma’s transitional apartment buildings. Some of Deborah’s barriers to permanent housing are low credit, lack of stable income, establishing a bank account, and budgeting.

As we helped Deborah investigate her credit, criminal, rental, employment, and education history we discovered an open garnishment from nine years prior. After discovering the reason for garnishment and communication with the creditor, we were able to negotiate a settlement.  Through Next Chapter, Deborah learned how to write effective letters to credit bureaus and debt collectors.  She is now able to plan a realistic budget, arrange the pay-off of past debts, set up interviews at local hospitals, and open her first bank account.  In partnership with her case manager at Network Tacoma, Next Chapter is helping to build the scaffolding of a successful transition for Deborah and her teenage son. 



Ashleigh had a one year old baby and was 37 weeks pregnant when she was referred to our program by Step by Step.  We immediately identified and began working on Ashleigh's barriers to housing. Within 4 weeks, Ashleigh successfully paid off derogatory marks on her credit report, wrote letters to the credit bureaus, saved enough to pay off a previous landlord, and delivered a healthy baby boy! Because of Ashleigh's dedication and hard work, Next Chapter and Step by Step were able to secure housing for her and her sons. 



Grace was accepted into the Next Chapter program through a referral from Adam’s Street Shelter. Grace, a survivor of domestic violence and substance abuse, and her four daughters had been in shelter for over five months.  We went straight to work with Grace to find employment, obtain a driver’s license, pay off a past eviction, and open a bank account.


During Grace’s time in our program, she raised her credit score by 125 points, paid off her past eviction, secured a bank account, and found employment. Grace’s oldest daughter is graduating high school, and her youngest daughter just turned one.  Grace is now prepared, confident, and in the process of securing permanent housing.



Yolanda was referred to Next Chapter through the Hope Sparks Relatives Raising Children program.  Yolanda found herself raising her 12-year-old grandson and homeless.  She expressed a desire to open her own catering business and build her credit. So during Yolanda’s time at Next Chapter, she was able to launch her catering business, pay off a previous eviction, begin mental health counseling for her grandson, and secure housing.

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