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Impact of COVID-19 on Next Chapter

We hope this finds you and yours healthy and safe. The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably challenged and changed each of us. And, the families at Next Chapter are no exception.

Days before Easter, we were asked if we would move from our home of the past 14 months to a temporary location. This transition happened at a very uncertain time but was necessary to keep our community healthy. The home we had been occupying was needed to provide space for high risk patients. Since all of our mothers and children are healthy, we did what it took in making sure everyone stays safe and support those who are in greater need than us.

It was challenging and very emotional to leave the home where we started our journey, but it was an opportunity to face a challenge together and rise above.

It’s been two years since a small group of us inspired by our experience at St. Patrick’s Parish took an idea and transformed it into a service to our community. And it’s been a little over a year since we began providing a home and life changing resources to pregnant women, single mothers and their children who had no place to live. 

Thanks to your generosity we have served over 40 families in and outside of our home. We have partnered with shelters and service providers in our community to fill a void in our system. We have provided a home to and welcomed newborn babies, provided shelter to dozens of mothers and children,  increased credit scores, addressed negative rental history, reunited mothers and children, and empowered women to address their barriers head on.  

The Mothers of Next Chapter have:

Established 27 bank accounts

Increased in credit scores a collective 1,750 points

Paid off 45 outstanding debts

Addressed 12 past evictions

Had 10 child reunifications

Secured 3 business licenses

Achieved 3 high school degrees

Enrolled 10 in higher education programs

Secured 10 jobs

Secured 3 drivers licenses

Granted 2 expungements of records

And we are not done. As we start our Next Chapter we are even more committed than ever to continue our mission of empowering women and their children in our community to thrive.

Check out our updated website!

Special thanks to Folkestad Public Affairs for donating their time to this!

Be well and stay safe,

All of us at Next Chapter

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